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Doing up your first "homepage" to start off your own personal web site is no easy task. Very few people can develop a web site without having to get help from somewhere or someone, or a book. That is the purpose of this page - to give you some broad tips to get started.

These are the steps you should follow if you wish to do up a homepage.

  • Obtain a HTML editing program. HTML is the text based mark up language which web pages are designed in. A HTML editor will save you having to learn the language yourself. There are a number of editors around and these will make the job easier. To get started we recommend Nvu as a fairly easy-to-use low-cost program.
  • Design your pages. Make sure all documents you use in your site are all named in lower case, with no spaces, and have the appropriate extensions (eg. index.html, picture.jpg, image.gif) Name your main page index.html.
  • FTP to users.eis.net.au using the same username and password that you use for your eis.net dialup and email access. Create a directory called public_html using your FTP program. Then upload all your HTML files and pictures into that directory.