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Getting your commercial website online is a three-fold process:

(1) Domain Registration .
(2) Domain Name Server hosting .
(3) Website hosting.

What is Domain name registration

Domain names eg.,, must be registered before use just like when you register a business name or trademark.

In order to stop two people trying to use the same domain name, a network of domain registrars has been established around the world with varying jurisdiction. These registrars manage databases of who has the right to use what domain names, and have specific criteria you must meet before registering a domain name. eg. for registering a domain name, the name chosen must have a direct relationship with your registered Company / Business name. The .com .net .biz names are pretty much unrestricted (within reason), so long as the domain name des not contain offensive language, and does not infringe on the copyright/trademarks of others.

Which Registrars does use? is a reseller for Enetica, Enom, and MelbourneIT domain registrars.

How much will Domain registration cost?

Each registrar has a varying scale of fees and minimum duration of registration so we have prepared the following table:

Domain Suffix Price Duration
.com .net .org .biz .info $49 2 years $69 2 years $49 2 years $39 2 years

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Many ther domain names are also available upon request. We only list the most popular ones here. Contact us if you requre a different domain suffix.

How do I order?

1. Download this application form.

2. Fax it back to us and our support staff will contact you when the hosting has been set up.